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So, it would appear that you have figured out how to get to the website - CONGRATULATIONS!!!  There is all that basic stuff in the menu bar - "ABOUT" etc.  If you want to look at cards, the reason most people are here, click on "GREETING CARDS" in the menu bar.  You are provided with 3 choices:

  • Black & White Cards
  • Colored Cards
  • Top 100 Cards

Click on "Black & White Cards" - this will show you all of the B&W greeted cards (there are 304 of them as of this writing).  They just appear in numerical order (these are the design #'s assigned to each card it has nothing to do with a ranking (more on that in the "Top 100 Cards").  Click on any card of interest (I know they all are).  The front of the card will appear larger.  These images have watermarks and the patent # in the upper left pixelated out for security purposes; the cards have the actual patent # and no watermarks - you probably assumed that, but you never know. To the right of the larger image are 2 thumbnails: the upper one is the front of the card that you are currently looking at; the lower one is the greeting inside - click on it it - will now appear as the larger image. 

Click on "Colored Cards" same idea as above only there only 65 colorized cards and they all come blank.

Finally, the "Top 100 Cards".  So a little quick math (304 B&W cards + 65 Color cards = 369 Cards) tells us there a good # of cards.  This is nice because there is something for everyone but for some it is overwhelming. Hence the "Top 100" - in no particular order or rank - just the 100 most popular cards.  Keep in mind, like all popularity lists, this doesn't necessarily have the card that you would like the most -so feel free to visit often and eventually check out all the cards.

Oh, one more thing, when you are looking at the page for any card, the right half of the page is everything about purchasing that card.  The price is easy - they are all $3.95.  Simply fill in the Quantity of the card you want [I always recommend a three digit # here :) ] and click  "ADD TO CART" to continue shopping or "BUY IT NOW" to just purchase that card.

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