When it comes to feeling better, laughter may in fact be the best medicine. According to an article from the Mayo Clinic Staff, laughter may just be what the doctor ordered. Listed as the short-term side effects of laughter are: Stimulating many organs such as the heart, lungs and muscles as well as increasing endorphins; Relieving your stress response; and Soothing tension. Increased exposure to humor and laughter also leads to long-term health, such as: Improving your immune system: Relieving pain; Increasing personal satisfaction; and Improving your mood.

This being the case, why not help out your family; friends or coworkers by providing a healthy dose of laughter with your Get-Well card. Bob Hickey, Owner of Patent Press Greeting Cards , doesn’t really believe in gloom and doom or sappy cards. His cards all feature remastered artwork that accompanied patent applications filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. His extensive line features artwork from over 350 patents so there is something for everyone, from toys to sports or music. What makes these cards truly unique is the off-beat greetings he adds inside. Obviously when it comes to medical patents the artwork could be highly clinical such as the Colonoscopy System & Method ; but (no pun intended) it is the Greeting that provides the real medicine – LAUGHTER!

Hickey also saw the need for health care professionals to recognize the value of laughter for their own long-term physical and mental health. He offered, “Let’s face it they have a stressful job helping to keep everyone else healthy, there is nothing wrong with them sharing a healthy laugh themselves.” The patent for something as basic as the Rectal Thermometer is easily recognizable to any healthcare worker; add in the Greeting and the everyday tools of the trade provide some much needed levity.

So, the next time you want to send someone a get-well card, give the gift of laughter.

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